The ArtHaus Creates Community.

We are building leaders, thinkers and creative problem solvers. 

Our mission is to encourage and nurture creativity and personal growth through the promotion of high-quality community arts, wellness, education, and professional-development programming. The ArtHaus will be a collegial place where artists can create, exhibit, and sell their work.


More than arts & crafts or a pleasant past time, the arts have been documented to increase problem solving skills, assist in processing trauma and providing a space for healing that no other discipline does.

with a Purpose

ArtHaus events promise engagement,
value and connection!

Community-Focused | Community-Powered

Restoring and renovating a 150 year old building comes with a lot of surprises! As you can imagine, craftsmen in 1890 did things very differently than we require in 2021! Your donations will literally build the foundation of this project.


When planning The Germantown ArtHaus programming and resources, the ArtHaus team had a few ideas but we want to hear from you, the Philadelphia, Germantown community. This event will be an interactive discussion about solutions, creative ideas and connections to strengthen the community, bring community leaders together for creative problem solving and connect with one another.

So, we’ll chat … AND… GET MOVING!

After our chat, Theresa Jones, our local ZUMBA fitness instructor will lead us in a mini basic Zumba workout! Don’t fret, we will only get you moving for a few songs! No experience necessary!

Community Events

Funds Raised to Date (of $150,000)

Lives Touched


The building needs work “from soup to nuts”, as they say.  While we have secured the acquisition & majority of the renovation costs via PIDC, we have a significant gap in funding at the back end of the project.


In addition, unexpected structural repairs (they definitely did things differently in 1904 than we require today for safety!), required asbestos abatement, and increased materials costs due to the COVID pandemic’s impact on the industry have increased our shortfall as well.

Creative Ways You Can Help

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Germantown ArtHaus History

Germantown ArtHaus History Timeline from 1860 to 2022

Philadelphia Needs the Healing & Empowering Benefit of the Arts and Community … More Than Ever!

Ever since funding for the arts decreased, it has been imperative that we make a way to bring the arts to underserved communities, and make high-quality art accessible to the masses. The stakes have never been higher!

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Low-income students who are highly engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college and…

3 times more likely
to win awards for school attendance

4 times more likely
to be awarded for academic achievement

4 times more likely
to participate in a math and science fair

and drop-out at a rate of 4%
(vs. 22% of their peers)

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Arts and cultural economic activity (incl. for-profit) accounts for 4.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), or 877.8 billion.

The arts improve individual health and psychological wellbeing.

The arts improve skills, cultural capital and creativity.

86% of artists vote vs. 60% of the general public.

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Studies show that arts education had a significant effect on the academic and social success of their students. Those with greater arts participation were more likely to come to class, avoid being removed and graduate. Additionally, they demonstrated greater proficiency in mathematics and communication.


Our philosophy is simple: “We are stronger together.” Like a well-crafted basket weave, the tighter we are knitted together, the more we can handle, carry and impact.  Join us!

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Each sponsorship builds a strong foundation for the ArtHaus and ensures lasting partnerships for positive community impact.


Individuals, community organizations & businesses who sponsored the Selfie Project; making it possible for youth to create their Selfies and removing any financial barrier to participate.

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Gary Hines
Lenora Lewis
Laurie Wagman


    Fall 2022



    Donor list updated periodically! Anonymous donations are not listed.


    Alex and Kelly
    Ali Michael
    Amanda Milz
    Ann Marie Doley
    Anna Perkins
    Barbara Holmes
    Barbara Holmes
    Brandi Alexander
    Brian Klansky
    Bruer Kershner
    Chris Avery
    Christine Saxman
    CJ Hazell
    Cornelia Swinson
    Crystal Custus
    Crystal Custus
    Daniel & Elizabeth Strickland
    Darlene Martin
    Deborah E Ford
    Deborah Stewart
    Dorene Reggiani
    Eliza Callard
    Elizabeth Whatley
    Emily Busch
    Emily Zeitlyn
    Eric Jenson
    Eric Lintner
    Erica Brown
    Florence Buckley
    Gary Hines
    Gary Reed
    Georgette Bartell
    Janet Tebbel
    Jeanne Kohl
    Jen Blauvelt
    Jennifer Brinkmeier
    Jennifer Gilliam
    Jeri Bond Whatley
    Jesse and Marian Cronin-Connolly
    Jessica Rights
    Josanne Ford
    Joyce Walker
    Julie Stapleton Carroll
    Karen Smith, Kristophe and Jordan Green
    Katherine Quiroz
    Kelli Mickens
    Kelly Giarrocco
    Ken Weinstein
    Kim Raznov-Coon
    Kit Wallace
    Kittura Dior
    Laura Lashley
    Lauren Runza
    Laurie Wagman
    Laurin Talese
    Lenora Lewis
    Lorraine Marino
    Mari Lowery
    Marie Lambert
    Mariella DiStefano
    Mary Chicorelli
    Mary Meloscia
    Meghan Kirk
    Michael Andrews
    Michael Schweisheimer
    Mike Kania
    Neil Kleinman
    Nica Waters Fleming
    Nikia Hill
    Nikki Karam
    Nikki Moon
    Pamela Freeman
    Phillip Holtje
    Philly Art Center
    Rae Whatley
    Rebecca Kirzner
    Rosalind Dutton
    Sandy Saull
    Seth Miller
    Shayna Bayard
    Sue Van Doeren
    T. Baks
    Taniva LLC
    The Conners
    The Whatley Family
    Tia Mathisen
    Tien Sydnor-Campbell
    Tom and Anne Brady
    Tracey Rockmore
    Trish McBride
    V. Mehl
    Virginia McGuire




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