Transforming Tragedy Mural Artist



Leah Johnson Headshot

“I am a self-taught abstract artist that thrives to think outside the box and challenge myself creatively to produce artwork unlike any other. I create abstract paintings full of color and unique designs, and incorporate odd things like glue-gun designs, broken glass pieces and even lights in my paintings. I also like to create with clay. I own a jewelry business that is mostly comprised of clay beaded jewelry. I named the business Meiko Beads, after my daughter Meiko. Lastly, I am a published author. My novel, “9 Stop”, can be found on amazon.com and bn.com.”


I decided to get involved with the mural project and the Germantown Art Haus because I was tired of being an isolated artist and wanted to join a community of like-minded artists that celebrate and uplift each other. I wanted to be a part of the Germantown Art Haus specifically because of the diversity they welcome and the strong focus on bringing the community together, in the city I was born and raised. I have two children, an infant and a soon to be 10 year old. My daughter is very creative and is becoming a great artist, so I am very excited in learning how much of an emphasis Germantown Art Haus is putting on the youth, where they are giving young people the opportunity to also express themselves creatively through a mural of their own. The theme of the mural is so important in today’s climate, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to be included in a project so profound. I will admit that this will be a challenge where I will convey such an important message through my style of abstract art, but I’m super excited to take this on, to not only stretch my ability, but to also have the opportunity to showcase my point of view on a beautiful wall that includes artwork from other amazing artists that will be displayed in my hometown. What’s not to love?