12×18″ Art Posters!


The Germantown ArtHaus is pleased to extend our discounted art poster rate to Artists and Makers looking for high quality posters at a great rate! These posters are printed in full color on 100lb gloss text paper (think poster paper).

150 – 300 dpi (PDF or JPG)

(max file size 256 MB)

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These beautiful posters are a cost effective resource to sell your work, create promotional posters and more! At $1 per poster, these prints offer a great profit margin (standard art posters generally sell for $20 or more!). All posters printed on 100lb glossy text paper. HOW TO ORDER:

  • Select the quantity desired: 25 quantity available limited time!
  • Upload Artwork Print File
  • 5 business-day production time

Requires submission of 150-300 dpi print file by Artist. Please check your print file image quality prior to submission. The Germantown ArtHaus is not responsible for print file quality. Image submission expresses the Artist’s approval of reproduction of the image(s).


  • HOW SOON SHOULD I ORDER? Orders require 5 business days production time. If ready early, we will reach out to schedule pick up!
  • CAN I MIX AND MATCH IN ONE BATCH? Each batch of 25 (or 50) qty are of one image.
  • IS THERE A MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TOTAL POSTERS I CAN ORDER? NOPE! Order what you need in batches of 25 or 50.
  • HOW DO I GET MY WORK INTO A PRINTABLE FORMAT? There are many ways to digitize your work for printing. You can 1) take a clear photo of your work with a camera, 2) have your work professionally photographed, 3) scan your work using a flatbed scanner.
  • WHAT IS DPI? DPI stands for “dots per inch” and refers to the resolution (or data) per square inch of a digital image. The higher the DPI (or resolution), the more content information is packed in one area. The higher the DPI, the clearer the image.
  • HOW DO I CHANGE THE DPI OF A FILE? Depending on the software you have available, you can increase the DPI in Photoshop, the Preview app (Mac), and others. Search online if you need assistance or reach out to the ArtHaus for support.
  • WHAT DOES 100LB GLOSSY TEXT PAPER FEEL LIKE? Do you remember going to a concert or circus and buying a poster to take home? 100lb Glossy Text weight paper feels like that. It’s not photo paper and it isn’t as light as regular paper.
  • WILL THE ARTHAUS USE MY IMAGE(S) FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE? Absolutely not!  We are happy to support your artistic journey and will not use your print files in any marketing or online use unless expressly given permission in writing. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: The 25 quantity option is a limited time offering so stock up while you can with this small batch opportunity!
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