WHAT is an ArtHaus?!

We’re Glad You Asked!

Built in the early twentieth century, this Germantown landmark still boasts handcrafted glass-fronted cabinetry from its early years as a pharmacy. The ArtHaus is a nod to the German Bauhaus design movement of the early 20th century & Germantown’s German roots. It’s also a play on words: the building is “house” shaped and will be covered in art!

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Stats of Benefits of Arts Education

6228 Germantown Avenue is best known as the site of William and Ena Swain’s accounting business and printshop and is affectionately known as “The Swain Building.”  The Swains were prominent African American business leaders and historians  in their day, and inspired by their entrepreneurial drive, we are restoring and reinvigorating The Swain Building as the Germantown ArtHaus. Learn more about the Swains.

Stats of Benefits of Arts Education
Black and white ink drawing of the ArtHaus building

Why the ArtHaus Now More Than Ever…

Ever since funding for the arts decreased, it has been imperative that we make a way to bring the arts to underserved communities, and make high-quality art accessible to the masses.