Art + Community


We are literally covering the Germantown ArtHaus in vibrant, community-created art!

Background artwork by Mural Artist,  Victoria Holmes

”Transforming Tragedy:

A Gateway to HOPE

Community Artists Mural

20 Artists • 500 sq. ft. • Huge Community Impact

The west-facing wall of The Germantown ArtHaus will host the works of 20 Philadelphia fine artists’ response to the creative brief:

Create a piece of artwork (painted, 3-D relief, etc.) that:… honors the life of a victim of police brutality and points to a future  of HOPE; where we won’t have to create a mural like this ever again.

Artists may interpret this as a(n):

  • Traditional portrait
  • Object of symbolism incorporated into a design
  • Abstract interpretation
  • Three-dimensional sculpture*
  • Any combination of these options

    The Philly Youth
    Selfie Project


    • Saturday, September 18, 2021
    • Sunday, September 19, 2021

    Imagine one whole side of the Germantown ArtHaus (1,200 sq. ft.!!)  tiled with the self-portraits of Philadelphia’s Youth!

    The Philly Youth Selfie Project pairs some of Philadelphia’s best fine artists with groups of Philly Youth to create self-portraits that will tile the east-facing wall of the Germantown ArtHaus spelling “HOPE.”

    Registration Opening Soon.

    Kids painting on their hands


    Transforming Tragedy:

    A Gateway to HOPE

    Follow the Project’s Progress!

    This west-facing wall will be undergoing a radical transformation! Each of the 20 artists  will create their work in a 5×5 foot diamond shape that will be installed like a patchwork quilt with text, imagery, portraits and more!

    Exterior Wall where mural will be.

    The Germantown ArtHaus Mural Wall before restoration.


    Artists will be starting their works soon and as we complete Studio Visits, this section will be full of video interviews, photos and more behind the scenes sneak peeks at each artist’s project.

    JULY 2021 UPDATE

    7/24/2021: Participating Mural Artist, Paige Elizabeth, joined ArtHaus Founder, Keisha Whatley at Whatley’s studio to divide the 100 feet of mural cloth. Each artist is headed to the Studio next week to pick up their 25sq. ft. of cloth to begin working on their piece.

    The project was blessed by the Mural Provisions supply organization when they donated exterior paints for the project so each artist that wants paint can take some to their studios!

    JUNE 2021 UPDATE

    ‘Rudy the Stucco Guy’s’ name may be funny but his work is stellar! He came highly recommended and boy, did we need him! 

    After years of delayed maintenance the exterior stucco was peeling off of the mural wall, there was a whole half-wall on the 3rd floor that needed to be knocked down and the ENTIRE wall needed to be redone with a new texture. 

    Rudy the Stucco Guy in front of the mural wall with a scaffold behind him.


    Philly Youth Selfie Project Promo Graphic